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Sprinkler Systems


Sprinkler Design

We work with you to design the perfect irrigation system to suit the needs of your home or business. We design with existing plants in mind- as well as future plans! Our sprinkler designs are customized and adaptable. Read More →



Sprinkler Installation

Protect your landscape investment! Give your lawn and plants the best care they need to flourish and stay healthy! An automatic underground sprinkler system from the experts at Rain Tech can help you take care of your yard. Rainbird Smart Controllers take into account your soil type, rain accumulation and temperature and will adjust accordingly. Read More →



Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance

Our trained professional technicians perform all necessary repairs to your sprinkler system, including larger replacement issues. Our qualified team is specialized in sprinkler system maintenance, including winterization and spring start-up, for both commercial and residential systems. Read More →



You can count on Rain Tech to help preserve your system this winter. Rain Tech’s Irrigation Technician will winterize your system to remove excess water and protect the system from damage over the winter. Read More →


Spring Start Up

Get your landscape ready for the summer with our Spring Start-up Service! We get your system going and make sure it’s in top condition for the year. Read More →



Landscape Lighting

Rain Tech installs expert exterior lighting to brighten your home or business, increase security and allow for longer enjoyment of your beautiful landscape. We offer a wide selection of lighting designs! Read More →


Holiday Lighting

Rain Tech offers holiday lighting services for all types of homes and small businesses. We come to your home or property and work with your supplies to fully decorate for the holidays. Read More →

Preferred Maintenance Program

To become a PMP customer a technician will evaluate your system to assure that it is up to industry standard and in good working order. If after inspection the system is not up to PMP standards the tech will make recommendations of needed to repairs needed to become a PMP.

For residential systems to become a PMP member is $205.00 for up to 8 zones and $20.00 plus tax for the year.

By being a PMP member you get a labor rate discount of 50% off. ($42.50/hr vs. $85.00), priority scheduling if a problem arises, and priority scheduling for Spring Start Up’s and Winterizations. Along with this you receive a Mid-Season check up to ensure proper coverage and check that cycle run time is appropriate with the change of the weather in the middle of the season.


Commercial PMP

All requirements to become apply. Pricing is as follows: $245.00+tax for first 8 zones and $30.00 for each additional zone.

Appointments are available starting in March! Contact us to set up your appointment.