Spring Start Up

Getting Ready for Spring

For your Spring Start Up, you don’t want be caught off guard when the time rolls around! Make sure your sprinkler system is in top working order in March and April before the rains stop for the summer. Our professional spring start-up service will ensure that your system is working correctly so that your plants get the proper water they need throughout the season. Our skilled technician will come to your house to get things going with your sprinkler/irrigation system.


sprinkler spring
Spring Start-up Service technician will do the following:
  • Turn water on and pressurize system.
  • Walk entire property (mainline length) to inspect and to check for leaks or damage.
  • Activate and program the controller.
  • Install a new controller backup battery, if equipped.
  • Check rain sensor for proper operation, if equipped.
  • Test each zone.
  • Inspect, adjust and clean all sprinkler heads, nozzles and screens.
  • Note and discuss any repairs or modifications that are necessary.

Rain Tech is ready and waiting to serve you with all of your Springtime needs! Contact us now.

Spring Start-Up scheduling begins in April, after the threat of freezing temperatures traditionally subsides. Since you may not be ready to start watering in April, the controller is left in the ‘OFF’ position. Setting the controller dial to ‘AUTO’ will enable your sprinkler system to begin watering. $105.00+ tax for up to 8 zones and $10.00 for each additional zone.

Appointments are available starting in April, please Contact us to set up your appointment.