We had an excellent experience working with Rain Tech. Rain Tech installed three irrigation lines ending in lawn hydrants from our well to our gardens. Jamie was so helpful scheduling and organizing everything. Mitch provided a reasonable, thorough and accurate estimate.  The installation team did a professional job completing the project – in one day! We were especially impressed with the care the team showed around our existing landscaping. In those areas they dug by hand and carefully restored everything back to the way we had it. Great job, Rain Tech!


We recently had a comprehensive irrigation system installed to our mature landscape by Rain Tech. We have 37 stations, 27 for the lawn and 10 for the plantings. Steve and his crew did an outstanding job and were very respectful of our landscaping. The products that were installed are of a high quality and the equipment that they used for the installation kept the damage to the lawn and flower beds to a bare minimum. They are very responsive to questions regarding the system. We highly recommend them to anyone in need of landscape irrigation. We give them 5 stars!

Mike and Kathi Zittel

I am a property owner with a large front and back yard. A few years ago, I had a sprinkler system put in by a company that was recommended to me. The system installed shot the water out over the entire width of the yards, like you see when fields are being watered. That was totally inappropriate for what I needed.

In the back yard, I have several different types of shrubs and trees lining both sides of the yard as well as a couple of dwarf fruit trees in the lawn area to be covered. In the front yard, I have shrubs on the sides and a huge tree in the lawn area. I also have a large berm in front with a couple of select trees, a few smaller shrubs and various ground covers — all of which were being improperly watered.

I contacted Rain Tech, LLC to see if anything could be done to correct a bad situation. The owner of the company came to my house and we walked through both yards while he evaluated my existing system and my watering needs. He then explained what I needed and why. He designed a drip system for each type of planting in the berm. That system was then connected to the existing sprinkler line. Then he designed a proper and more efficient watering pattern for the rest of the yards. All that was done in a very short time.

I have to finish planting the berm next season, and there is only one company that I will call on to complete the watering design, That company is of course, Rain Tech. To assure my sprinkler system remains in good order, I have signed up for the Preferred Maintenance Program with Rain Tech. They will come in the spring for a “start-up” of the system to check for any possible winter damage to the lines or heads, test everything, and make any repairs if needed. In the fall, they come again, check everything out and perform a winter shut down of the system. I don’t have to worry about a thing.

I learned that to do the job correctly, you don’t just put in sprinkler heads and turn on the water. It is important to get someone who has knowledge of the different types of watering systems available, the expertise to design watering patterns for specific planting areas, and a comprehensive knowledge of horticulture to assure the right system for the right plantings, You will find all of that with Rain Tech. And as a bonus, they are great people to work with. I can recommend Rain Tech without reservation. They know what they are doing.

Billie B.

We picked Rain Tech as an irrigation specialist for both our new home construction and for an in-place install for a second property. Steve Seymour is certainly an expert at his business. His professionalism, creative design ideas, and detailed execution leaves us with a well-thought out landscape plan including irrigation, landscape lighting, and even hardscape shapes that we couldn’t be happier with.

We highly recommend Rain Tech for your irrigation and lighting needs!

Brian and Kris S.

My experience with Rain Tech has far exceeded any expectations. They provided excellent preliminary design and installation options. Rain Tech’s staff is very knowledgeable, courteous, and always friendly. They are very prompt and willing to come make adjustments and any necessary services to my irrigation system. I would recommend Rain Tech to all my friends and family.

Anneka J.