Winterization: Protect Your Sprinkler System From Damage

Winterization ServicesProtect Your Sprinkler System from Winter Damage

Save time and money the following Spring

You can count on Rain Tech to help preserve your system this winter. Our irrigation specialist will come to your home or property to carefully and efficiently remove the water from your entire sprinkler system. This prevents cracked, leaking sprinklers and pipes caused by winter freezes. Cracks and leaks not only will cost you money on your water and sewer bill, but it will cost you money to repair the sprinklers and possibly the landscape as well.

These preventative measures that should be part of the winterization process will help to keep your sprinkler system working properly.

When the weather starts to get cold, power off your controller and then schedule a Rain Tech, LLC technician to winterize your system.

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What’s Included in Rain Tech’s Winterization Services:

  • Run-through each zone via controller.
  • Turn off water supply to system.
  • Purge water from system with compressed air.
  • Deactivate controller.
  • Open all available drain valves on mainline/laterals/pumps and test cocks on backflow device.
  • Install insulation on top of backflow
  • Note and discuss any repairs or modifications that are necessary to be scheduled in spring.

At Rain Tech, your service experience is our highest priority.

We schedule our winterization work every fall so call to schedule your service when the weather gets cool! Starting at $105 (plus tax), this service per system is minimal when compared to the cost of repairing the damage from frozen pipes.

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The Benefits of the “Blow out” Method

Rain Tech’s Irrigation Technician will winterize your system by using the proper amount of compressed air forcing the water through each zone therefore removing all of the water from the system. Our technicians know the proper way to use this “blow out” method not to damage your system. This will ensure your system will be ready for spring when you turn it back on.

We install a blowout valve on all our systems, during the installation process. This ensures that, before winter, the water can be purged from the system with an air compressor.

Don’t waste your money on automatic drains!

-They waste water: a large amount of water drains out of the pipes every time a zone shuts down, all season long!

-They can fail: an automatic drain can stick open, causing water to shoot out of it underground, when the zone is on. It ends up looking like a broken pipe while wasting tons of water!

-They don’t get enough water out of the system to keep the sprinkler heads and valves from freezing during a cold winter.

$105+ tax for up to 8 zones and $10.00 for each additional zone.

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