Here’s a Bright Idea!

Outdoor Lighting can brighten your home or business, increase security and allow for longer enjoyment of your beautiful landscape. Rain Tech installs expert exterior lighting in a wide variety of designs. Contact us to discuss your lighting needs today! We exclusively work with Kichler lighting fixtures for the best quality outdoor lighting. Kichler products allow us to use the best technology to design your ideal outdoor lighting system. They are durable and efficient while still offering sleek, attractive ways to elevate your landscape. We also offer LED retro-fits for those of you who may have an existing incandescent system but want to upgrade. LED systems last longer and conserve energy in the long term. There are numerous types of lighting, designed to highlight or accent the landscape:

  • Path Lighting illuminates paths, driveways, or steps.
  • Spread Lighting produces circles of light downward for flowerbeds, low shrubs and ground cover.
  • Downlighting, placed high, gives the feel of moonlight on the pathway.
  • Uplighting illuminates trees, walls, statues, and other taller objects.
  • Cross Lighting uses two or more lights to reveal a three-dimensional form of an object, drawing attention to a tree or bush.
  • Mirror Lighting is a technique of highlighting reflective surfaces such as mirrors, pools of water, or glass to disperse light further.
  • Moon Lighting is an outdoor lighting technique that simulates the filtering of natural light from the moon through an object such as a tree. A luminary can be placed directly high on a tree to achieve this landscaping effect.
  • Silhouette Lighting is a landscape lighting technique used to create a distinct outline or silhouette of plants or other objects.
  • Grazing Effects is a technique used to call attention to something like a highly textured wall.
  • Shadowing Effects refers to a way of shining a light on an object so that its shadow is cast on a background.

Which type of lighting will best illuminate your landscape? Our friendly staff can recommend and install lighting that will let your view your landscape in a whole new light! Call us today to discuss the possibilities!